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One Fact – Introduction

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Once, I accepted – without examination – the idea that human activities might cause Global Warming.

A Geologist colleague did not debate me, but rather challenged me to research the topic and come to an informed  conclusion.

He was right and I am a Geophysicist with the tools, talent and temperament to do such  research.  That was over twenty years ago and I have since “done the math”, “paid my dues”, “done the due diligence” and examined the facts.

My conclusion is that the idea of Man-made climate change is a political fiction.

If I can get people to sit still and listen to me present the facts for an hour or so, I can show them (with facts, charts, graphs, data, references and quotes) exactly how I came to that conclusion.  That has happened a few times.  But, most people do not or will not willingly sit in a room and listen to a lecture.  It’s too much like going to school and they spent a large fraction of their youth doing that and most of them don’t want anything to do with further such activity.

So, I have come up with this idea.  Take ONE FACT about the subject and present it with clarity and completeness.  Then, do that again with another fact.

Stay Tuned!*

*Millennials:  Ask a Boomer what that means. 😉


Global Warming Predictions are Wrong


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The entire Alarmist Fraud of Global Warming is based on computer models that predict that temperatures will rise catastrophically as Carbon Dioxide emissions from human activities continue.  This is absurd on the face of it, because:

  1. It ignores the fact that human emissions of CO2 are a tiny fraction of natural emissions from volcanoes, forest fires and the decay of dead plants and animals.
  2. It ignores fluctuations of natural CO2 emissions
  3. It ignores the natural reaction of plants to increased CO2 (i.e., they grow faster and absorb same).

None of these, however, is the One Fact that we are here to discuss, which is:

The computer models that the Alarmists have come up with have been proven WRONG by REALITY.



As the title states these are 44 computer climate models all predicting warming of more than one degree Centigrade by 2025.  The blue and red lines are plots of actual experimental temperature measurements made by satellites and high altitude balloons.  Please notice that with the exception of 1998 (an “El  Niño” year), every year was measured to be in a flat trend – not a catastrophic increase.

Let me quote Renowned Physicist and Acknowledged Genius Dr. Richard Feynman:

  “It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. If it doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong.”

Ladies and Gentlemen: The idea that Human activities are causing the world to warm is WRONG.

One Fact – Sunspots

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The Sun is not a featureless orange disk.  At least, it is not yet.  But it will be soon and that will change things, here on Earth.

   It is a mistake to ignore the Sun, as any beach-goer who has fallen asleep can tell you.  To say that we take the Sun for granted is a big understatement.  People do not think much about the sun because they see it as constant and unchanging.  The Global Warming Political Cult would have you believe that the Sun is so constant that a small change in a trace gas called Carbon Dioxide will somehow super-heat the Earth. 

   But, that fallacy is not the One Fact under discussion here – we are talking about Sunspots.  A lengthy explanation may be found in an article I wrote about the subject (click the link below):


  In the last three cycles, there has been a declining trend in Sunspots.  This has not happened since the early 1800’s and it is an indication that we may expect a general cooling of the Climate for the next 30 years or more.  The cooling is in fact already underway, but it is being hidden by Global Warming Politics (by methods I have described in previous One Fact posts), for obvious reasons.

   I have been telling this story for many years and I encourage you all to research this further.  The internet has made us all Sherlock Holmes – capable of intense investigation and analysis to uncover the truth.  Don’t just believe me.  Please look it up!

  To get you started, I quote a recent article about the subject (click the link below):


Changes in Latitude

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   The National Climate Data Center average global temperature graph below demonstrates a method of Scientific Fraud called “Cherry Picking”.  Science is supposed to be about finding the truth.  Sadly, in Climate Science, the goal has lately been to get the desired POLITICAL result.

  These are differences in temperature from some particular value, but the idea is to show changes over time.

   Notice that the average temperatures  in the period between  1930  and 1990 – while fluctuating – were, on average, constant.  Then suddenly, the temperatures showed an abrupt, disturbing upward trend.  These numbers are frequently presented as “proof” of Man-made Global Warming.

  At the same time the count of weather stations in the average (the red line) abruptly fell from about 500 to about 20*.  Not only that, but the average latitude of the stations involved went from 30° (about that of our own Houston) to 20° (about that of Veracruz, Mexico).  I have chosen these two places because they are both near sea level and on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.  In any reasonable mind, these are comparable in climate, with only their latitude being different.

*I found another chart where those numbers are 6000 and 1500 – I don’t know which is correct, but the difference is still large.

  So, let us examine the average temperatures from  for Houston and Veracruz in (pick a month) – OK, January:

Average January temperature for Houston, Texas………50° Fahrenheit (10° C.)

Average January temperature for Veracruz, Mexico.…..70° Fahrenheit (21° C)

So, does anyone – ANYONE – out there think that the graph below is a valid indication of Global Temperatures over time?   


Australian Weather Bureau makes an Adjustment

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This is one of the many “adjustments” I found had been done to temperature data.

“The Australian Bureau of Meteorology declared 2013 the hottest year on record.”

But we find out later (graph below) that they took a cooling trend (blue) and turned it into a warming trend (red) …

“…This is significant. The Bureau now admits that it changes the temperature series and quite dramatically through the process of homogenisation*.

I repeat the Bureau has not disputed the figures. The Bureau admits that the data is remodelled*.”

Aussie_Temp_Fake.png*Those are just two examples of the way they spell in Britain and Australia.  Many non-English-speaking countries adopt the same for their English writing.  I put up with that for 17 years while working for a Norwegian Company 😉 -Steve

The hottest years were in the 1930’s

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That’s right!  The hottest year in the U.S. was not “this year” as you may have heard (over and over) for the last 10 or 20 years.  The hottest period since 1880 was the 1930’s.  The Goddard Institute for Space Studies, at Columbia University decided to “adjust” the historical record so they could talk about “Global Warming”.  The graphs below show the U.S. Temperatures Before (left) and After (right) the “adjustment”.  I found several such “adjustments” to temperature records in my decades of research.  This is just One Fact, but I will no doubt post others. – Steve